Easy Vegan Sausage Mushroom Marinara Pasta
January 17, 2019

Easy Vegan Sausage Mushroom Marinara Pasta | The Full Helping

Hi friends!

Sending you into the weekend with one of those meal starter ideas that I keep mentioning this month. This easy vegan sausage mushroom marinara pasta isn’t a recipe (and I’m not sure that this share even constitutes a proper blog post!), but it’s one of the re-heatable dinners I’ve made most often for sustenance and comfort food during my DI. On the chance that one of you might come to enjoy it as much as I do, it’s worth writing down the process.

This meal definitely gets filed in the “semi-homemade” category. Within that, you’re encouraged to use any of the store-bought staples you like: your favorite marinara, your favorite vegan sausage (or you could use crumbled and sautéed tempeh, or cooked lentils), your pasta of choice (I used regular; go ahead and use gluten-free, bean pasta, whole grain—whatever suits you), and your favorite pasta topper. For me, that’s this walnut herb parm.

By the time the dish comes together, it’s filling, rich in plant-protein, packed with vegetables for nutritional heft, and—I think—pretty tasty for all of its simplicity. Here’s how I make it.

Easy Vegan Sausage Mushroom Marinara Pasta | The Full Helping

Easy Vegan Sausage Mushroom Marinara Pasta | The Full Helping

This may well be a lot less inspiring than many of you need, in which case don’t worry: I have another easy recipe planned for next week, but it’s a little more original than this one!

As I said, for those of you who might love this combination but not necessarily think to throw it together, I hope it’s a winning weeknight supper. Thanks for letting me share a low-key favorite with you.

And I’ll be back soon, for weekend reading.


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  1. Hi Gena! This looks great. Perhaps this should be obvious, but would you say this makes about 2 servings or? Trying to decide if I should double or not. Thanks!

    • Hi Vera! I recently updated my recipe plugin and some serving suggestions haven’t translated correctly yet. I’m sorry for the confusion! This serves 3-4, depending on appetite of course. So, if you’re serving 3-4 people, you likely don’t need to double 🙂