Wholesome Vegan Lentil, Mushroom & Kale Lasagna
May 28, 2019

Wholesome Vegan Lentil, Mushroom & Kale Lasagna | The Full Helping

Since September, I’ve been telling myself that this is a year for soups, stews, easy grain dishes, sheet pan meals, and other low maintenance cooking endeavors. It’s true in many ways: soup, for example, has been a mainstay during my internship because it’s easy to make and yields a ton of food for freezing/reheating. With nearly all of my cooking compressed into weekends, it hasn’t felt like the time for casseroles, enchiladas, tamale pie, or any of the comfort food dishes that I typically love to make on a Sunday afternoon.

My current rotation has an early start time, but one of its advantages is that it provides a vegan-friendly lunch and breakfast each day. It’s nice for my wallet, but the more important advantage is that it allows me to ease up on the batch cooking, since I only have my dinners to think about right now. And I have a little freedom to prepare things that are more playful and elaborate than some of the sensible standbys I’ve been counting on in the last nine months.

Wholesome Vegan Lentil, Mushroom & Kale Lasagna | The Full Helping

Much as I tend to dismiss dishes like lasagna as being more time-consuming and fussy than other food, I’ve learned something important in making this recipe (and a few other casserole-type dishes, all of which I’ll share on the blog) in the last couple weeks. Yes, it takes a while to cook the components and then to bake everything. But once the dish is made, it’s actually a perfect solution for a person like me, who wants about four dinner portions of something at the ready (when I made this, I froze half upfront and kept the other half in the fridge).

I’m on the casserole bandwagon right now for another reason, which is that this type of food really does evoke something special, homemade, and ultra-comforting. It’s not that I don’t love soup and stew, bowls, or beans on toast. But I’ve been feeling tickled to be able to say that I’m going to leave work, go home, and eat vegan lasagna for dinner. Or vegan enchilada casserole. It’s a departure from my cooking routine, at least as it’s been lately, and it’s something to look forward to.

Wholesome Vegan Lentil, Mushroom & Kale Lasagna | The Full Helping

This isn’t my mom’s lasagna. It’s probably not your mom’s lasagna, either. It has its fair share of comfort food goodness, but really, it’s a very wholesome spin on the classic. For starters, red lentils are the protein in this dish, and along with protein they add fiber, micronutrients, and iron. The lasagna filling is stuffed with kale and mushrooms, each a nutrient-dense food in its own right.

You’ll see that the recipe calls for 12 lasagna noodles, because I’m not sure what will fit into your pan or what size your noodles will be—plus, it’s always wise to cook up a few extra in case they tear or stick. But since you only need two layers of noodles, I found that my whole dish only demanded 8 full sized noodles. In other words, this lasagna is heavy on the plant-forward ingredients, light on the pasta.

Wholesome Vegan Lentil, Mushroom & Kale Lasagna | The Full Helping

For cheesiness, I added a few thin layers of vegan mozzarella shreds. (My current favorite is the Violife brand, but any brand you like would work here.) A half cup per layer was just right for me: enough to give some meltiness and authenticity to the lasagna, but not so much to overwhelm the recipe. If you don’t have for store-bought vegan cheese, you could omit this or use a layer of cashew cream or dollops of cashew cheese instead. In this type of dish, I like to use vegan cheeses for seasoning and decoration, but a little definitely goes a long way.

I’ve definitely made vegan lasagnas that were more traditional than this one. But I’ve enjoyed eating it, savoring all of the flavor and heartiness while also enjoying the fact that it’s chock full of legumes and veggies that will fuel me through a very demanding few weeks. Here’s the recipe.

Wholesome Vegan Lentil, Mushroom & Kale Lasagna | The Full Helping

Wholesome Vegan Lentil, Mushroom & Kale Lasagna | The Full Helping

For the next couple weeks, you can expect to see a few more recipes like this interspersed with the usual fare. So, if you’ve got vegan casserole-like recipe requests, this is the time to share 🙂

Happy Tuesday, friends. I’ll be back soon, and I’m wishing you a good start to this (shorter) week.


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  1. 5 stars
    Hi Gena! I really love your vegan recipes! This one is amazing as usual! Made it tonight and it was really amazing, what is more, it’s a great source of protein. Thank you for the share!

  2. 5 stars
    The dish is looking delicious and tasty. Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe with us. I will definitely try this at home. Looking forward to some more delicious recipes from you!

  3. 5 stars
    I made this over a month ago but completely forgot to leave a comment until now. It was delicious! The addition of lentils is such a great idea- they completely round out the dish. Awesome recipe!

  4. 5 stars
    I made this for the fam for dinner last night, Gena, and everyone agreed it was superb. I cheated and used oven-ready noodles, which was faster, but it would have been even more delicious if I were less lazy and had any confidence in my lasagna noodle–boiling skills. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. 5 stars
    I made this tonight. Used your recipe for cashew cheese (which is now a favorite at my house) instead of grated cheese. My husband was leary, but after THREE servings, I’d say it was definitely a winner. Thanks for a great recipe!

  6. Looks amazing Gina. How many servings, because I’ll have to reduce. I’m thinking 8? Thank you!